Add a Subscription Animation with FFmpeg

Add a Subscription Animation with FFmpeg

This one was a doozy to figure out but I finally managed to overlay a little subscribe animation over my main videos.

Normally I would explain it but it's pretty long-winded so if you want the full explanation, please watch the video.

The short answer is, it's using a complex filter graph to offset the timestamps on the frames of the sub animation and delay its audio so they play over the main video when I wanted them to.

The command is as follows:

#!/usr/bin/env sh


ffmpeg -i $IN -filter_complex \
[0:a:0][0:a:1][a1]amix=inputs=3:duration=longest:dropout_transition=0:weights=3 3 1[outa]" \
-map "[out1]" -map "[outa]" $OUT

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