Setting up MongoDB on Windows

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MongoDB can be quickly and easily set up on Windows using the default MSI installation wizard provided by the MongoDB team.

To get the installer, follow these steps:

  • Go to the MongoDB Download Center
  • Choose a specific version of MongoDB to install if you wish, otherwise, just leave it on the default version
  • For Platform, choose Windows
  • For Package, choose server
  • Click the Download button

Once the installer has finished downloading, go ahead and run it.

  • Choose your setup type - choose Complete if you don't want to choose what gets installed. If you do want to choose, select Custom
  • For the Service Configuration, if you want MongoDB to be managed as a Windows Service and start automatically, tick the box for Install MongoDB as a Service. ( I assume MongoDB is set up as a service for this tutorial)
You can choose to have a default Window Network User manage the service or you can customize the service setup
  • If you want to install Mongo Compass, a GUI application for interacting with your MongoDB data, you can do so as well.
  • Once installation is complete, MongoDB will already be running and accessible.

Once MongoDB is running, it will be available at mongodb://localhost:27017. You can connect to it using various tools such as mongosh, Mongo Compass, or any programming language using a module for MongoDB.

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